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Achintya Pandey is an actor, entertainer, and rapper from San Ramon, California. He has been performing since he was 7 years old and has acted, directed, written, and performed in multiple capacities for 25+ shows. Achintya is also the founder of the Lil’ Brown Town Production Collective, which has produced marketing raps for Zerostack Inc. and Carnegie Mellon University. He attends Oakland School for the Arts and acted in the first ever production of the Oresteia. He was also commissioned to write a play for the OSA Theater Department. Outside of school, Achintya has trained at Solskrit and FABA (Film Acting Bay Area). He has also modeled for Instagram.

In the future, Achintya hopes to pursue his passions for performance and computer science at a prestigious university. He hopes to use his knowledge and connections to create his own theater company, which will explore the interplay of technology and live theater.

Achintya Pandey

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